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Repository IORs

JMX Service Addresses

Import jmx-java-mission-control.xml in Java Mission Control (JMC). To start JMC, just call jmc on your console.

Development URLs

If you deployed the test system using the development environment, you will automatically get extra Apache virtual hosts installed. These candy hosts provide some dev-sugar to sweeten up your daily work.

A candy host returns the favor, i.e. it redirects the callers request to the caller itself. This allows the developer to start his webapps using the Maven Tomcat plugin and work with portless HTTPS URLs, without having the need to start and configure any reverse proxy such as Apache or Nginx.

To use remote configuration of the locally started webapps, use the following maven profiles:

  • candy-preview - use this profile in the cae-preview-webapp Maven module to automatically configure the local preview CAE
    mvn tomcat7:run -Pcandy-preview
  • candy-studio - use this profile in the studio-webapp Maven module to automatically configure the local Studio
    mvn tomcat7:run -Pcandy-studio
  • candy-studio-preview - use this profile in the studio-webapp Maven module to automatically configure the local Studio to use a locally started preview. Start the preview locally using candy-preview profile
    mvn tomcat7:run -Pcandy-studio-preview

Extra Studio Candy

To run the Studio Sencha app locally but use the Studio REST API from the test system, run sencha web start from within the workspace. Depending on the path location you've started the Sencha server, you need to add the file path to the /target/app folder of the studio-app module as URL suffix.

If for example you've started the Sencha server in the root of the workspace, you need to open:

If you want to test the build state of the studio-app module, you need to start the Sencha server from within the modules/studio/studio-app/target/app/build/jangaroo-app folder and open: